The world around Beba

As Beba enters high school, the world around her is changing rapidly. She is a young woman beginning to consider her options for the future. But what are they? The stock market had crashed in 1929, leading to the Great Depression. This was a time of turmoil across the world, financially and otherwise. Amid this crisis, the world was closing its doors to immigration right when antisemitism was growing more rampant. Large numbers of European Jews were facing very difficult choices about their future.

Beba’s family started to rely on financial help from family members abroad in order to get by. They thought about emigrating, but it was a daunting task. Explore the globe and select from the highlighted countries to learn more about the difficulties involved.

This experience will take approximately 45 minutes.
Japan invades China

What comes next is unimaginable. It’s 1939, and Beba’s life is about the turn upside down.

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