Cover of a poetry book

“Ershte blit”

Vilna, Poland, 1928. "First Blossoms"

Ershte blit (First Blossoms) by Leib Altszuler (Leo Altshuler) was published in Vilna, Poland. The author, by then living in the United States, self-published his book on a trip back home to Vilna. The 2nd poem in the book, “To All My Friends in Poland,” is a love letter to Vilna. Vilna is the homeland of “the beloved language, Yiddish” and his childhood dreams. One section of the volume is dedicated to a girl named Beba, a sweetheart he left behind when he left for America.


Digitization of this artifact has been made possible by the Edward Blank YIVO Vilna Online Collections project.