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In the 1930s, Jewish children in Poland had many choices when it came to their education. Here you will learn a little bit more about the different schools they could attend. You will also go to school with Beba Epstein. But first let’s head over to Itzkowitz’ Bookstore with Beba’s grandfather, Abba Senitski, to get your books!

This experience will take approximately 12 minutes.
Nazis come to power in Germany
Hello Mr. Senitski.
Is it that time of the year again?
How generous of you to pay for books for all kids. They appreciate it.
Yes! And the kids will be picking up their books soon.
There is nothing more important than education, all children should be able to study.

Stefania Szabad, Beba’s teacher at the Sofia Gurevitch School, always takes the children for a very exciting walk around Vilna. Let’s join them!

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