Guidelines for Beys Yankev religious school girls

Poland, Circa 1930s. By-laws

List of by-laws of the Beys Yankev religious girls’ school network for their schools and teachers in Poland. The by-laws state that the schools need to provide seven classes and that they should be completed in seven years. Students are admitted to the school at the age of six or seven and complete their studies at the age of 13 or 14. The curriculum includes prayer, translation of prayers, religion, humash (Pentateuch) and Hebrew grammar, Yiddish, history, and נ”ך “nakh” (Prophets and Writings). Beys Yankev was a network of girls’ schools, established by Sarah Schenirer in Krakow, in 1917. It served as an alternative to secular schools for religious girls after Poland adopted required education.


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