Class essay on the future

“How I see myself a year from now”

Vilnius, Lithuania, 1940. Class Essay

“How I See Myself A Year from Now,” an essay by Dobe Kluger, a student in the sixth grade of the Sholem Aleichem School in Vilnius, Lithuania. The world is so turbulent, she simply can’t project a year into the future. But she hopes she does not have to go through what children in Warsaw have had to endure. Warsaw fell under German occupation in Fall 1939. If there is peace in a year, she expects to go on with her studies. But she’s not sure which language it would be taught in. Vilnius had passed from Polish control to Soviet control, and then in short order to Lithuanian control in Fall of 1939. Whatever happens, she is sure that “the sun will continue to shine for us children.”


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