Typed letter in Yiddish from Lasar to his family

“We’re all very concerned over the fate of our loved ones”

United States, 1939. Letter to Family in Vilna

Copy of a letter sent from Lasar Epstein in the U.S. to his brother Shimon Epstein and other family members in Vilna, Poland on November 17, 1939. Lasar, who recently immigrated to America, is currently working in Chicago. Since World War II began and Vilna was occupied by the Soviets, he’s been very worried about them and other family and friends. Have they gotten the money he sent them through YIVO? He sent it that way because he didn’t know if they were still at their old address. The letter hints that Lasar may be trying to arrange a visa for his teenage niece, Beba, to come to the United States: “Send me all her details so that we can promptly arrange papers for her.”