Set design of buildings

Leib Kadison’s set design for the play “Hirsh Lekert”

No date. Set design in acrylic, ink, pencil, and crayon

Hirsh Lekert was a member of the Jewish Socialist Bund and its first martyr. In revenge for the arrest and flogging of 26 Bundists who had taken part in an illegal demonstration, Lekert tried to assassinate the governor of Vilna in April 1902. He was arrested and hanged. But, Lekert was revered as a hero by many anti-tsarist revolutionaries. Among the tributes to him was a play by Yiddish author H. Leivick. This set design for the play was created by Leib Kadison. Kadison was a member of the famed Vilna Troupe, established in Vilna in 1916.